Increase WordPress speed and performance.

A good site speed is must important to grow up your site visitor and business, show the site doesn’t have a visitor, and not ranking on search engines. The visitor leaves the site before loading the site completely If your site takes more than 7 seconds to fully load. KLCWEB recommended a maximum of 4 to 5 seconds to load the site fully.

How to check site speed?

>> There are many tools to check the Site performance, Recommended. But this kind of tools shows only site level bugs which is make a load on your site, like Images, js , css.

What KLCWEB opinion?

KLCWEB Recommended that, deploy your site at a local machine and make artificial traffic on your site, this is tested and it’s worked. You can get the exact site loading time using this trick. Then, start optimizing your site.

How to increase WordPress speed?

1. Use a Content Delivery Network

You can use CDN service to improve your site performance, CDN takes your site’s static content copy in every cached server which can helps to increase site performance.

2. install caching plugin

You can install WP-rocket caching plugin. This plugin generates static content from a dynamic WordPress site. Once static contact generated you can save it to your hosting server so the hosting server proceeds with static files instead of heavy dynamic files.

3.) compress images

Generally, WordPress uses for blogging sites and we are using lots of images in a single blog. An image takes time to load CDN cache that image but we add many new images daily basis so the WordPress site becomes a very heavy site. Either you can compress images to your local machine via tools before uploading or you can install ewww image optimizer plugin, it will compress all images automatically.

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