Types of SSL…

There are 3 types of SSL available. EV SSL certificate, OV SSL certificate, and DV SSL certificate. KLCWEB looks deeply inside these types of SSL so we can recommend the perfect SSL for your site.

EV Extended Validation SSL

Certificate authority has to check domain name with an organization legal documents before issue and the domain owner has to submit such legal document then CA verify it. Once all required steps complete CA will assign an EV certificate

Organization Validated (OV SSL) Certificates

Certificate authority checks specific domain name along with related organization legal documents to verify and additionally need to verify company details which will show when visitor visit the secure site. Organization information will show in the assign certificate under the ON field.

Domain Validated (DV SSL) Certificates

In this certificate, no need to verify company and organization details with a certificate authority, just need to verify the domain name via admin email. No company details appear on the certificate. This certificate suitable for small ad medium sites.

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