Why firewall is important?

Firewall monitoring requests from the internet and filleting them. The firewall takes care of your data, if any harmful request receives the server firewall immediately blocks the request and safe the data. In the Digital World, ransomware is a very easy trick to hack computers/servers.

At present, there are 2 types of firewall.

1.) software firewall

A software firewall comes with OS and it’s like inbuilt security software design by code. Windows system has Windows defender and Linux system has iptables

List of windows software firewall.

>> Sophos(recommended by KLCWEB)

>> manageEngine


List of Linux software firewall.

>> pfsense

>> ipcop

>> shorewall

2.) hardware firewall

A hardware firewall is a dedicated piece of equipment top of the server to make high security against DDos, Ransomware and other malicious attacks.

How does a hardware firewall work?

A hardware firewall monitoring data that comes from internet and check information is safe of harmful for the system, a hardware firewall track information by geolocation, IPs and source. In simple team the hardware firewall know as packet filter. it tracks information by geolocation, IPs and source and open port for safer request or drop it if that’s harmful information.

A hardware firewall allows port access, default rules, traffic control. where software firewall does not allow such function, it only protects your system. KLCWEB highly recommended that to configure a hardware firewall top of the system.

List of hardware firewall.

>> cisco

>> Checkpoint.

>> Fortinet

>> Sophos

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