What is an SSL handshake?

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Website security is a must impotent these days. Hackers keep their eye on live and high traffic websites like banking, e-commerce websites. They can attack the site’s private data like database payment details and damage your business. However, SSL will help you to protect your site against these attacks. You can get more details about a possible attack on the live site here

What is SSL?

SSL secure socket layer and its a digital certificate that allows running the site with HTTPS, in July-24-2018 chrome update their technology and start showing “NOT SECURE” beside URL, you are referring. An SSL uses private and public keys for data encryption from the sender and decrypted from receive’s end. Hence, Hackers are unable to read/write sensitive information, like passwords, usernames, card details…Etc.

You can purchase an SSL certificate for the website, and make the website secure and prevent hacking of important information during the online exchange. This protects your visitors and your business, since the loss of data can lead to loss of public trust.

What is SSL handshake?

SSL handshake refers to the secure, encrypted connection that’s automatically created whenever a visitor opens an SSL-protected web page. Once the handshake is complete, anything that passes between the visitor and the protected website is scrambled by 2048-bit encryption. This level of encryption is the highest available and is virtually unbreakable by hackers.

What is SSL handshake?

How can the visitor know if the handshake is complete? A padlock icon and HTTPS is prefix and appear in the visitor’s browser bar, showing them they’re safe to submit private information without worry.

Types of SSL certificates

There are three types of SSL you can use for your site, SSL-S, SSL-M, SSL-W, OV, DV, and EV Let’s discuss deeply about these SSLs certificate.

1.) SSL-S

SSL-S (single-domain SSL), If you have one site only and want to secure it with an SSL, SSL-S is the best for you. Either you can install it on the main domain or subdomain name.

2.) SSL-M

This SSL can be used for multiple domains or subdomains, SSL-M allows 3 Websites. For EX: klcweb.com, billing.klcweb.com, and databasehosting.com. you can secure any three domains with this SSL certificate.

3.) SSL-W

SSL-wildcard certificate which offers one main site and it’s all subdomain, if you have lots of subsites like APIs then you should go with this digital certificate. This certificate covers Both www and non-www URL

However, there are OV, DV and EV SSL certificate available in this market, you should refer it here….

Do i need to install an SSL?

Yes, If your site is ready to live on the world wide web you have to install a digital certificate to protect your site and it’s required for SEO. How does SSL help SEO? and if you have an E-Commerce site the SSL must be installed. Because security will grow up your business and trust and reputation in the market.

Security makes trust and trust makes popularity.

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