What is the Webhosting?

Web hosting

Web hosting, Just assume that you are a great developer and you have lots of the best-developed websites but it worthless without visitor, right? so you need to host your website on a live server but the questions are, Does my site is safe on live servers? Will my site run 24 X 7? If any issue cause how can I get the service support? Do not worry KLCWEB offers 24 X 7 on spot support with 99.9% uptime. Before choosing a Webhosting provider You should know about these things.

Look at these things before buy a hosting.

  1. Edge level security
  2. Live chat support/helpdesk support
  3. site monitoring
  4. Uptime guarantee

What is the Webhosting?

Webhosting is an internet service which you allows to publish your site on the live server and make your site accessible on the global level (world wide web)

As per Wikipedia

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web

Web Hosting options

There are 4 types of hosting popular in this market, each hosting has its own specifications. KLCWEB looks deeply to understand which hosting is better for your site.

  • Shared hosting
  • Semi-dedicated hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Reseller hosting

1.) Shared web hosting

In shared hosting multiple sites are hosted, it is not possible to check who and which sites are using the same server resources. Performance should be compromised in the Shared hosting but it is good for small or startup business setup.

Shared Web Hosting

2.) semi dedicated hosting

Semi-dedicated hosting is a part of the shared hosting but semi-dedicated especially set up for a medium and high traffic web site. You can get a good site performance on a semi-dedicated server because limited sites are allowed to host.

Look at this picture to know the difference between Shared hosting and Semi-dedicated hosting.

Semi dedicated hosting, Web hosting

3.) VPS hosting

VPS virtual private server or VDS virtual dedicated server. If you have ERP software and want to run 24/7 on the server a VPS is good for you.

Also, VPS gives root access on the server so you are able to customized server as per your needs via Remote Desktop Protocol. You can read more about VPS here also read the difference between Shared hosting and VPS hosting here

VPS hosting

4.) Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is good for those who start their own hosting company for their limited clients, you can provide a hosting server to your client with your brand but you won’t able to manage or customized the server as per your needs. rest of things you can manage like billing software, billing cycle your client usage.

One thing, your client did not reach directly to the main hosting company and can’t pay for web hosting directly to the company.

Reseller hosting

How to choose the best Web hosting?

Here are a few things you should know before choosing the best web hosting.

1.) Edge level security

While choosing a hosting provide the security is the first thing in our mind, because less security will damage your site and business. To check the security of the server like firewall, DDoS protection, ransomware attack protection, most of hosting provider offers 30 days free trial. you can learn why a firewall is a must for hosting, check it out here

2.) Live chat support/Helpdesk support

The most imponent thing is round-the-clock support. Our local machine environment and live server environment were different so support is first needs while publishing the site.

sometimes site should go down at the same time we have to raise support to know the root cause. If the hosting provider would not available at that time it will hard time for our business so choose the hosting provider who offers 24 x 7 Live chat support like KLCWEB.

3.) Site monitoring.

Once our site is live on a worldwide web server, we need to check site performance, visitor stats, error logs if make any changes on the live site.

When and why our site goes down these things are a matter for a site owner to implement few things on their site, you should ask for a site monitoring feature while choosing a hosting provider.

4.) uptime guarantee

Your site visitor and business deepened on the server Uptime, if the server is not stable it will impact your site, and it’s a visitor. The visitor will never come to your site if your site is not stable due to the hosting provider’s server set up. Ensure that you will check uptime and buy a paid plan.

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