How to apply Let’s Encrypt SSL on Windows VPS?

You have windows VPS and want to install a free Let’s Encrypt SSL on your websites. You can install unlimited SSL with auto-renewal Let’s Encrypt SSL on Windows VPS by following the below steps.

Download win-acme package.

You need to download the win-acme package on your VPS inside C Drive before it makes sure you have installed the .net core. If now you can download .Net core here.

Once you installed the .NET core, you need to download a zip file of Win-acme from here or you can download it from our site directly.

How to apply SSL certificate?

Once you did the above steps, let’s apply certificate to your site. place the win acme inside C drive and right click on wasc.exe file then run as admistrator.

> Wacs.exe will be opened as command prompt.

> Choose “N” to create a new certificate a domain name.


> You can choose IIS domain bindings enter which is showing on your display by enter numeric options.

[] Authorizing…
[] Authorizing using http-01 validation (SelfHosting)
[] Authorization result: valid
Requesting certificate [IIS] MailEnable WebAdmin,
Store with CertificateStore…
Installing certificate in the certificate store
Adding certificate [IIS] MailEnable WebAdmin, @ 2021/4/16 17:20:49 to store WebHosting
Installing with IIS…
Adding new https binding *
Committing 1 https binding changes to IIS
Scheduled task looks healthy
Adding renewal for [IIS] MailEnable WebAdmin,
Next renewal scheduled at 2021/6/10 17:20:43
Certificate [IIS] MailEnable WebAdmin, created

Once you get the same above message, it means an SSL certificated installed on your choosen binding domain now you can test it with HTTPS.
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