How to migrate WordPress Sites without Losing SEO

Wordpress migration

KLCWEB knows Migration is a headache process especially when we migrate WordPress. Also, We worry about losing SEO ranking after migration, Right? Now, you can fear free to migrate your WordPress without losing SEO and blogging posts because we have study WordPress migration with WordPress Experts and introduce WordPress migration in an easy way.

Export Content From Old WordPress Site

NOTE:: Before start migration make sure you will take a backup of your site, if anything goes wrong you can immediately restore your site.

You need to log in to your WordPress admin panel,, and go to tools > export > All content and click on the download Export file button of your old website which you want to migrate to the new site.

Do Not Forgot to replace your domain instead of

Make sure you will choose the All content option while exporting content from your old site. Once you have done this the WordPress will start preparing an XML file of your All WordPress contents and will start downloading automatically.

Upload Content to a New WordPress Site

As soon as get an XML file of your old site, you need to import that XML to a new WordPress site by login > tools > import. Here you need to install the WordPress importer plugin to import the XML file of old WordPress.

WordPress Importer

After installing WordPress importer tools, you are able to upload XML file by clicking on the run importer link button and it will ask for upload WordPress XML file, choose that an XML file and click on the Upload file, and import

File upload

In the Next step, WordPress will start uploading an XML file and extract it in the meanwhile it asks for a WordPress author for posts, Either you can mention an old author, or you can create a new one and click on the next button to complete WordPress migration.

After getting all the required details WordPress will upload content and it takes few minutes to complete a task. And you will get an All Done message.

All Done

Setting up Redirects

After successfully migrating content from one WordPress site to another WordPress site, the next step is to set redirection so users can visit the old site and it will be automatically redirected to the new WordPress site.

You can set redirecting inside .htaccess file of old WordPress site by using the this sample code.

#Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

Remember to replace with your domain name and save the file and restart your site. Now you are able to see all posts on a new WordPress site without facing any issues.

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