How to build a One-Page-Website on WordPress?

one page site

A one-page site every now and then known as a single-web page website is precisely what it appears like.

It’s miles a website this is completely crafted from one web page. It has no additional pages like the About web page, Contacts web page, or different similar pages.

Why Use a single web page?

This layout of internet site layout also limits us to the amount of content material, forcing us to be spartan and laconic, something this is ideal while focused on more youthful audiences and mobile customers

That’s in which Google is directing its seek engine bias, with its Mobile-First schedule that started out July 1st.

  • The page itself, with the content divided into sections
  • A menu that will allow visitors to skip ahead to the relevant sections
  • A header that will include our menu.
  • A footer.

We may also deploy the Hello Theme you can download it in a ZIP file from here, a loose starter topic this is so minimalistic, it’s almost clean. As such, it will no longer most effective permit us to apply Elementor’s subject matter builder, it will permit us to add factors to subject parts (header, footer, and so forth.) without any worry of conflictions, as well as assist to lessen load time and the want for additional plugins.

Creating Your One-Page-Website…

You will create our web page in the best, most efficient manner feasible, through clicking on New on the WordPress dashboard and selecting the Page alternative.

While in Elementor Editor, click on on the library icon, and within the template library search field, search for the time period ‘Yacht’. Click on the template and insert it.

Creating a Menu for Your One-Page-Website in WordPress…

  1. Top (Home)
  2. Features
  3. About Us
  4. Our CEO
  5. Destinations
  6. Photo Gallery
  7. Subscribe
  8. Contact Us

To add Menu items, You need to click on the Custom Links button, and within URL field, enter the website’s URL followed by a hash sign and the appropriate CSS ID to create the slug for each section. In the Link Text field, enter the menu title as you want like it to show on your website.

#Home– > Home

Once You have finished creating menu items, you will assign the menu to the appropriate location within menu settings and check the Primary checkbox, and click Save to save this menu.

Creating a Header/Footer for Your One-Page-Website…

You can create a header and Footer of your single webpage site from theme builder > Add new and select header give a name to it then start creating template.

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