How to Integrate Social Media Into Your Website?

Social media

Do you know that social media drives 32.63% of traffic to your sites? That’s KLCWEB recommended integrating social media into your website, so you can use social proof as a way of build up your brand and grow business.

To integrate social media accounts into your WordPress site, you can use All in one SEO Tools. All in one SEO tool will drive traffic to your site automatically. As we already discuss the top 5 SEO tools for WordPress, All in one IS one of them.

1.) You need to install All in one SEO plugin into WordPress, you can refer to how to install a plugin to your site here.

Once, you have done, go to All in SEO plugin > social network.

You will see all social medial components there, you just need to enter your social media accounts link and click on the save changes.

Enable Facebook Thumbnails to Boost Engagement.

We have studied deeply on website clicks and we identify that 40 to 45 % click comes from Facebook. So Facebook integration is most important.

Enable Facebook Thumbnails

To enable Facebook Thumbnails, go to all in one SEO > social network > Facebook and Enable open graph markup

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