What is CDN?

Content delivery network(CDN) delivering content to a customer from proxy servers around the world. CDN cached static contents of websites.

How CDN works?

it holds a cached copy of the website. Second, based on the geographical source of the request, it communicates with the browsers. A caching server of the website in say, Arizona gets that request and dispatches relevant content to the browser directly, given that it’s closer to the viewer. This way, the content reaches faster. 

Benefits of a CDN

User experience:

We live in times where people will not wait forever to see a page load. A load time of 2 seconds is average, and 1.5 seconds is above average. The new visitors didn’t spend lots of amount of time. They will close the website after few moments and finding an alternative.


Faster response time is the first need of SEO. Google never rank up slow response sites on their platform. Slow performance of the site may affect SEO algorithms.


If you have one server only, and it fails, your website is down too. There’s no other way around it. However, CDN has lots collation of the servers and all have site copies if, one fails the rest of the server pick up the staff, hence CDN improves uptime.

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