How to secure an E-commerce website?

Do you have a live e-commerce website? and have many users/client. Let’s secure your E-commerce website.

1.) Set strong password.

First, you need to set a very strong password for your E-commerce website admin password as well as database password or you can create a new user and give full admin access then delete default admin user.

2.) Use SSL.

Once you done E-commerce website, install SSL and set HTTP to HTTPS redirection here. Make sure your all site script uses HTTPS redirection like JS, IMG, CSS..etc. SSL helps to secure your site data, it must important if you accept payment via your site.

3.) Select secure an E-commerce platform.

You must be choose secure E-commerce platform, Payment gateways, SSL certificates and solid authentication protocols for sellers and buys. Time of the purchase hosting you migth check your hosting provider gives the best security system like hardware firmware, secure SMTP, secure database connetivity.

4.) Never store sensitive data

Data has a good idea but it is very sensitive information so never store client’s sensitive data anywhere like, credit/debit card details, cyber attack focus on payment gateways and details, they are easy hack these data, if you do not have secure payment gateways or you store client’s payment details.

5.) monitor site

KLCWEB always recommended that do not use free tools or plugins to monitor your site, may they can access your site script and set bot script to broke your security and hack your site. Always use guine tools or plugins or make your own tools by hiring a good software developer.