How to protect your website from cyber attacks?

Cyber Threats

Hackers always target a small business website because they have week security and it’s easy to hack. If you have a small business site and you need to set up security to protect your site against hackers, you should know the types of cyber threats.

1. Ransomware

Ransomware encrypts data is the most popular cyber attack, In this attack, you are blocking your site and business system which you have set up and all your data encrypted then the attacker asks you for ransom to unblock your system.

Simply, hackers take control of your system and block everything by encrypting all contents and databases.

To prevent this kind of attack, we have explained why firewall is most important?

2. Phishing attacks

The phishing attack is one of the cyber threats, a hacker trying to access your system to get sensitive information, like admin login details, payment details, clients data…Etc.

They can try to get your information via Facebook, emails by sending offer links, images, Text files, When you click on that, hackers can easily get access to your system and start copying data.

KLCWEB always recommended, Never store your password, username, and other sensitive information on local browsers, emails. And scan your system daily basis to secure your system.

3. Malware

Malware attack uses to gain access over the network take data or destroy the data. Malware attacks done via downloading files from the internet, click on spam emails and use an infected drive like a pen drive.

You can protect your site or business system from malware attacks to use antivirus software but we recommended keep update your Microsoft defender to secure your system.

Tips to protect your site from these types of attack.

  • Install an SSL
  • set up additional security if you have a dedicated server
  • Do not store and save sensitive details anywhere
  • Keeps up to date windows defender and other antivirus software
  • Take daily backup, if any attack cause you can restore backup
  • Change your password weekly or monthly basis.
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