How to Migration From Asp.Net Core 3.1 to 5.0?

The project should use the below stack:

  1. Vue JS front-end without any Razor Pages used in the project. The entire front-end is a Vue JS application
  2. Entity Framework Core (Code First approach) here
  3. Asp.Net Core Web API
  4. SQL Server Database

Visual Studio Update

First, you need to update your visual studio to core 5.0, Generally, update install .net SDK but you need to consider install core 5.0 SDK check here

Change framework version.

Time of the creating .net project you can able to select target .NET framework version.

All installed .net frameworks will appear on the drop-down menu non-.NET Framework templates, for example, .NET Core templates, the Framework drop-down list doesn’t appear.

Project file (.csproj)

Now update versions of .net frameworks to 5.0 which has core 3.1

Nuget package updates

Technically, the next step is to upgrade the rest of the packages used by the application to the newest possible version. In that context, I am using third party libraries for Vue JS Middleware and native libraries of .NET Core. But, it should be different in your scenario. So, it is really important to study it before starting migration.

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