How to install Woocommerce?


WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce uses for small online merchants who use WordPress. WooCommerce launched on September 27, 2011, this plugin quickly popular because it simple to install and customize and a free license base plugin. Klcweb will guide you How to install WooCommerce?

How to install Woocommerce?

If you have already installed a WordPress and want to install WooCommerce on it. You can install WooCommerce from WordPress > admin area > Plugins > Add new plugin.

How to install WooCommerce?

Once you installed WooCommerce then click on the activate button to active this plugin.

Setup Wizard of WooCommerce

When you activated this plugin the first time, it will be redirected to the setup wizard automatically and asks about your business details.

1.) Set up store profile.

In the first step, you need to mention your business location on this step and click on the continue button. And the pop up will display build Woocommerce better.

2.) Industry

In this step, you can select Industry or industries as your business type. if industry not match in this list you can choose Other option to specify your business exactly.

3.) Type of products

The third step will ask you about your business product and you are able to mention the business products you want to sell in your store. if you choose paid service you can purchase it later in the WooCommerce Wizard.

4.) Business Details

You can describe your business in this step. It’s the same as about us page, This will help WooCommerce to know about your needs.

5.) Theme

In this section, you can install the WooCommerce theme in the last step. Here you can get paid theme and a free theme. Choose a theme you want.

Once you did these 5 steps to set up the wizard of WooCommerce, you are able to set up your WooCommerce store as you want, you can set payment methods, import existing products…etc. you can ask us to set WooCommerce by filling this Form.

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