How to Fix WordPress Missed Schedule

How to fix WordPress missed schedule

One of the great matters about WordPress is that it allows users to schedule and automate post publishing. It’s a beneficial characteristic that may be a existence-saver for all people doesn’t want to constantly fear about manually publishing content material whenever.

You can revel in your holiday in Maldives, take a seat lower back and loosen up, even as WordPress automatically publishes your scheduled posts. This characteristic looks after your sleep, and you don’t must awaken within the peculiar hours to post content for the worldwide audiences, especially if you have the maximum comfortable Puffy mattress to sleep on.

It’s worrying, specifically if you have a hard and fast a agenda that desires to be followed. How do you save you it from taking place once more? Worry no longer! In this article, we will cover the cause why WordPress missed schedule errors takes place and the way to stop it. Let’s start!

Why WordPress Fails to Publish Scheduled Posts?

WordPress misses scheduled posts typically due to one component: a failed cron job, albeit there are other motives.

To put it truly, cron jobs are pre-scheduled responsibilities which are mechanically executed with none in addition human intervention. It’s a undertaking that is set up to be repeated at a positive c programming language.

It’s a time-based totally command and script that permits customers to post, again up, or delete files from WordPress web sites on a time table – set up via users and run by means of the servers automatically.

However, WordPress cron jobs are not tied to the clock – they must be precipitated via a page load. Meaning that any scheduled undertaking and submit will only be accomplished while someone visits your web site.

If as an instance, you time table a put up to be published at 10 am but nobody visits your web site at the time, then cron process gained’t set off and you’ll get WordPress missed time table blunders.

How to Fix WordPress Missed Schedule Error?

You can effectively fix and prevent WordPress overlooked time table errors to show up again with the assist of plugins. Let’s have a quick have a look at many of the satisfactory plugins that are able to accomplish this.

1. Scheduled Post Trigger

Scheduled Post Trigger is an effective WordPress plugin that publishes the post once your site is visited by anyone regardless of the time. It runs a script to check if there’s any failed task to be published and does it immediately.

Here’s how to install and activate this plugin:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Head to the left navigation menu and select Plugins -> Add New.
  3. Search Scheduled Post Trigger in the search bar and click Install Now
WordPress plug

And you’re all set! No further configurations needed and you don’t have to ever worry about WordPress cron jobs messing up your schedule.

2. WP Missed Schedule

WP Missed Schedule is an extraordinary plugin that exams if there are any unpublished scheduled posts for your sites. It mechanically opinions and publishes neglected posts each 15 minutes – it doesn’t depend on visitors or every other trigger to work.

However, WP Missed Schedule isn’t to be had inside the WordPress plugin listing anymore. You have to down load the plugin at once from GitHub and add it manually in your web page.

WP Missed Schedule

Here’s what you need to do to manually upload and activate this plugin:

Go to the Github plugin repository and head to Clone or Download alternative. Click on it, and choose Download Zip.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins -> Add New Plugin.
  2. Manually upload the plugin by clicking the Upload Plugin option on the upper part of the menu.
  3. Select Choose File, upload the zip file you’ve downloaded and click Install Now.
  4. Finally, press Activate Plugin.

And that’s it! You don’t want to boost a finger to make certain there aren’t any greater ignored scheduled posts due to failed cron jobs.


A consistent website replace is one of the necessities for keeping search engine marketing. It’s crucial to make sure that your website online is updated regularly with extraordinary content material. That said, ordinary ignored scheduled posts can carry some serious harm for your websites’ traffic and overall overall performance if no longer dealt with properly.

But with the assist of the plugins we’ve stated in this newsletter, we are hoping that there may be no extra stress for you with regards to updating content for your websites! Good good fortune!

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