Facebook Chatbots: The Beginner’s Guide

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Customers have positive expectancies whilst they interact with a business. They want short replies and the potential to engage with a logo on every occasion they pick. When a commercial enterprise doesn’t meet those expectancies, 96% of clients depart without dropping a word. Considering 65% of an organisation’s business comes from existing customers, it’s a big loss.

While corporations can’t determine while a customer needs help, what they can pick is a device like Facebook Chatbot to assist them to deliver on these expectations.

A Facebook chatbot helps businesses respond quickly, 24/7. It can take the customers via a buying journey, ebook meetings/ film tickets, surrender the communication to an agent, and help customers with FAQs.

With 2.Eight billion month-to-month active customers, Facebook is the most popular social media platform. That’s why it must be one of the first few channels an enterprise should prioritize to deploy chatbots.

What is a Facebook Chatbot?

A Facebook chatbot is an automatic software programmed to talk with a human through the Facebook Messenger platform. It is capable of responding to fundamental queries, asking relevant questions, and robotically providing guidelines.

Currently, there are extra than 3,00,000 lively chatbots on Facebook Messenger that have interaction with users day by day.

Why should businesses use Facebook chatbots?

✔️ Reduce wait time and offer a quick resolution to repeated queries Unlike email or stay chat, Facebook Messenger chatbots can respond inside seconds. Questions associated with order tracking, go back requests, or maybe responding to a casual “Hi” can take a whole lot of the agent’s time.

Automating these queries using Facebook chatbots leaves agents with more time to respond to the questions requiring human assistance and helps improve SLA.

✔️ Reduce operational costs – Facebook chatbots are cheaper for your commercial enterprise as you don’t need to make investments plenty in configuration and setup. Unlike different patron engagement channels, you aren’t based handiest on marketers who’ve to work across the clock. It also allows you to strike the right balance between human guide and automation.

✔️ Provide personalized chat revel in – Facebook chatbots are capable of imparting a personalized revel in as they use sorts of consumer statistics to be had on Facebook:

  1. Data from their Facebook profile – Chatbots on Facebook Messenger have to get entry to a person’s simple profile details. In that method, your chatbot can greet potentialities by call or personalize messages with the aid of their vicinity or time quarter.
  2. Data from past conversations – Chatbots can keep information from preceding chats as attributes and use the ones to personalize future conversations. A chatbot can inform the user approximately associated products, show shipping availability primarily based on past conversations.

✔️ Support clients 24/7 – The biggest benefit of imposing a Facebook chatbot is that it is able to offer round-the-clock support. If you have got plenty of queries related to order purchase or go back, reserving appointments, shipping fame, and go back guidelines, then automation provided by Facebook chatbots can go a long manner.

✔️ Improve conversion quotes – Facebook chatbots can pop up when customers visit your Facebook page, shooting their interest. These triggers may be based totally on not unusual points of tourist jump and can nudge the tourist from consideration to buy. Unlike live chat, irrespective of the time of day, if a purchaser initiates a communique, the chatbot can continue the verbal exchange without marketers on the alternative give up.

Example – UFC, the world’s best combined martial arts (MMA) enterprise, used Facebook Messenger and chatbots to promote one of their UFC 244 activities. Knowing that Facebook Messenger enables to get rid of friction when interacting with fans, UFC constructed an automatic experience on Messenger to train and excite prospective customers approximately its upcoming UFC 244 event.

For this marketing campaign, they created area-specific content for the event, optimized the advertisements for cell, and furnished all the info that people had been looking for, and as a result, executed:
✔️ 2.1X better conversion rate from message to purchase compared to previous campaigns
✔️ 25% higher conversion rate from interest to buy as compared to preceding campaigns
✔️ 15% elevate in return on ad spend in comparison to previous campaigns

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