Differences Between Linux OS and Windows OS

Linux VS Windows

As we know Linux and Windows both are OS with variant versions available in this market. Linux is a free OS whereas the window is a license based OS. But we will let you know the difference between Linux OS and Windows OS, Which will help you buy hosting. As a hosting provider, KLCWEB knows it’s very confusing when we buy hosting which OS should we take?

1.) What is Windows OS?

The first Windows was introduced in 1985 and it’s a simple GUI. But in my opinion, the 1995 consumer release has integrated windows and DOS with built-in internet support. Most of the computers are currently running on the Windows operating system only. The latest Windows OS versions are Windows 10 for local use and windows server 2019 for the hosting server. Hence, which is currently running in the market.

Versions of Windows OS

2.) What is a Linux OS?

Linux is an open-source operating system based on UNIX, created in 1991. Linux operating system also comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) with some necessary software that we are using daily for work.  It is also used in desktop computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, digital storing devices, eBook readers, cameras, and video recorders with Linux running.

Versions of Linux OS

Neck and Neck Comparison Between Linux and Windows

Differences Between Linux OS vs Windows OS
Access– Users have access to the root kernel– The specific group have access to the source
Flavors– Fully customized – A few customized options are available
Licensing– Licensed OS, users won’t pay– Need to purchase a Microsoft license
Command line??
User Ability – Linux is hard to use because we need to run the command for any task– Windows is very easy to run any task, command are not required
Support– Huge community/forums– easy to troubleshoot, paid support/ online web support
Update– We can manage updates at our convenience time– Suddenly pop update at an inconvenient time
Security– Linux is the best for its security very hard to hack– Possibility to attack on the machine through virus and malware attacks

Key Differences Between Linux and Windows

  • Linux is an open-source operating system, whereas Windows OS is commercial.
  • Ubuntu, CentOS all Linux OS have access to source code and alters the code as per user need, whereas Windows does not have access to source code.
  • The Linux will run faster than windows latest editions, even with a modern desktop environment and features of the operating system, whereas windows are slow on older hardware.
  • Don?t collect user data in Linux distributions, whereas Windows collects all the user details, which leads to privacy concern.
  • Linux is more reliable than windows as in Linux, we can kill application if they hung through the x kill command, whereas, in windows, we need to try multiple times to kill it.
  • Linux supports a wide variety of free software’s than windows, but windows have a large collection of video game software.
  • In Linux software, the cost is almost free as all programs, utilities, and complex applications such as open office are free, but windows also have many free programs and utilities, but most of the programs are commercial.
  • Linux is highly secure because it?s easy to identify bugs and fix, whereas Windows has a large user base and becomes a target for developers of viruses and malware.
  • Corporate organizations use Linux as servers and operating system for security purpose at?Google, Facebook, Twitter etc., whereas gamers and business users mostly use windows.
  • Linux and windows have the same priority over the hardware and driver support at this time.
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