Difference between non-WWW and WWW

When you set www. In the front of a domain, it acts as a hostname that can assist with flexibility with DNS, the ability to limit cookies whilst using a couple of subdomains, and extra. Whereas non-WWW domains also known as bare domains do no longer have a technical gain.

SEO benefits

There are truely no SEO advantages of selecting one over another. Even Google has stated that it all depends to your desire. What’s vital is which you live constant with the one that you chose on the time of beginning your website.

In different words, DO NOT change your site URL to feature or remove www from it.

If you’re using the All in One SEO plugin in a WordPress site, it will robotically set canonical URLs on your website header on the way to allow Google to realize your non-public desire.

That’s all you virtually should do.

It’s just a personal desire, that’s it.

Why should use WWW?

The technical reasons to use www in general apply to the most important internet websites which acquire tens of millions (or extra) of web page views consistent with day, net websites with a massive range of offerings throughout numerous subdomains, and truly any internet web site hosted in “the cloud” by way of an application carrier provider.